Monday, November 26, 2007


egad! I can just see how picture how this went down... Search GoDaddy domains for Darn, not available. Oh wait, here are some suggestions --,,,, Hmmmmm. Let's go with -- that has a nice 21st century ring to it.


alejandro said...

The problem is... things like this DO happen... so, what to do? what would you have recommended to Marquette Bank?

I found myself in the same situation when I tried to buy my name as a domain name and it wasn't available. I considered tons of other options but none convinced me, they were just like "". So what do we do in those cases?

Aaron Goldman said...

Change your name. :)

Seriously, though, if the URL's are all picked over, take what you can get and just make sure to promote it in a way that makes it easy for people to read and remember. For these guys, would've worked a lot better on that billboard.

alejandro said...

Thanks! that's actually what I did. I'm happy to know I did the "right thing".

Since I couldn't get the "first name + last name" combination I wanted (and I certainly don't want any other ending that is not .com) I ended up buying "first name + middle name" and I did market it that way. I also capitalized both initials in the logo and removed the "www"... I completely agree that people do know you're talking about a website when you type ".com" in the end.

Thanks! I'm loving your website. I subscribed.

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