Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The only thing worse than a bad URL is no URL. At the very least they could have put a subtle .com next to their logo.


Anonymous said...


I´m glad someone has the brains to think "you don´t really need to see our webpage to use our product"

It would just be anouther element cluttering up the white space

Jonathan said...

I agree with anonymous. As great as the web is, sometimes it's just unnecessary. Case in point: the hundreds of microsites that Crispin Porter develops.

Although in this case, I think the white space is actually black space. To keep it official and all.

Steven Gorgos said...

I think Coke can get away with leaving off the ".com" because they're so well known. Anyone that has an interest in visiting their website is surely web-savvy enough to be able to find it on their own.

However, if they were running some kind of promotion then they should definitely be driving traffic to their site. It looks pretty bland though. Interesting blog. I'm taking an Audience Research course and have a blog on internet marketing at http://www.thisdomainforsale.blogspot.com

Feel free to stop by and critique my URL. :)

Steven Gorgos said...

After finishing the rest of your article on MediaPost...my real URL is ThisDomainForSale.blogspot.com

Aaron Goldman said...

I hear you guys. I just think the web is too important a medium not to incorporate it into all your advertising. Adding your URL to a print ad or TV spot helps you leverage all the coin you've already spent on developing your web property(ies.) I nmy mind you should promote it every chance you get. Yes, most motivated Diet Coke drinkers could find the Diet Coke site if they really tried but how many of them would see this ad and want to try? Diet Coke is missing an opportunity to tell customers and non-customers alike that it has a web presence that is worth checking out.

Steven - look forward to checking out your blog. Is ThisDomainForSale.com taken? If not, snatch it and redirect it to your blog it's easier for people to find and remember.