Tuesday, November 13, 2007



There's a time and a place for cursive. Offhand, I can't think of one but I'm sure there is. Displaying your URL is not one of them. Doesn't it look like something's cut off at the beginning here?


Anonymous said...

I just ried the new Ritz Crackers with HoneyButter. I do not like them they taste like a cookie with no saly or sugar. You cant try any combination you want but the only Ritz is the Original for me

Bob Conrad said...

We have been eating your RITZ "roasted vegetable" crackers since you first made them. In fact, we sent you a note with our aproval of them. Now they seen to have lost some of their "zest" What happened?

Michele said...

We just tried the roasted vegie cracker as well they were good but they suck for dipping my 2 year old
could'nt even dip one without it falling apart it just crumbled into nothing.very dissapointed we are very strong customers of yours both of my children are being raised on ritz so you gutys need to add something to make them stay together for dipping.If you have any comments or compensation please e-mail me at
sunflrsrme@gmail.com truly yours michele young p.s. we will start buying that brand when you fix the problem.Thankyou!