Saturday, December 29, 2007


The URL is probably the last thing you'd notice driving behind this guy. And even if your eyes did land on it, you'd have a hard time processing the number 1 that looks an awful lot like an "l" what with all the other letters in lower case. This URL is a real lemon.


Anonymous said...

I will try to do something about my url. Thank you for your post anyway and your suggestions.

Once I fix my car I will change it to (different colors)

Aaron Goldman said...

Wow, I've never had anyone whose URL I snapped a pic of actually visit my site. Sorry for ripping on your ride man. Also, if I remember correctly, I might've pissed you off a bit when I was tailgating you trying to get a pic of your URL decal. I think you responded by pulling back behind me and taking a picture of my license plate -- probably because you thought I was some wack-job tailing you. At any rate, hope there are no hard feelings and would love to see your new and improved URL (and car) when fixed.

Anonymous said...

Will do that. I will send you the picture I took of you with the next message. Only after like 5 minutes after I took off I realized that you were taking photos off my url and not my smashed car or some other crazy reasons. Anyway, I have to make sure and I took your number also.
Thake care!

P.S. Next time blur out the numbers, I guess is more professional and is more to the paint you want to touch.

Michael Daehn said...

Great URL for Dent Repair service

Q: Why put a URL on your car but keep your post anonymous?