Friday, January 18, 2008



This one came from Jay Robinson who's traveling around South Korea and apparently going a little nuts. But is it a big jar of JIF he's craving? NOPE, A NUT BUTTER. Bottom line, all CAPS makes this URL a bit too chunky.


Deverie said...

URL snob.

Celina said...

And yet somehow IT CAUGHT YOUR ATTENTION AARON. Ditto what Deverie said.

Aaron Goldman said...

Deverie - guilty as charged. And not ashamed. :)

Celina - only reason it got my attention was because the owner of the site emailed it to me. :) That said, ALLCAPS definitely does grab attention but when you have an URL that could be read a couple different ways -- NO PEANUT BUTTER and NOPE A NUT BUTTER -- I recommend playing it safe and using leading caps. Appreciate the input though. Keep it coming!