Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good URL

Tarmo Annus bravely submitted this website for critique knowing my disdain for ALLCAPS and
In this case, though, I'm ok with it. The different colors and staggered spacing ensure that each word is clear and no-one would think the URL is just Goes to show that my URL best practices are just that, best practices -- not hard and fast rules. With a little creativity and careful consideration of user-interpretation, you can get successfully deploy an URL that's as smooth as a baby's bottom.


Travis said...

"...and no-one would think the URL is just"

::raises hand:: Um, I would. At least... I might, if I hadn't already been to enough to know this is a different beast.

Aaron Goldman said...

Yeah, on second thought, you may be right Travis. They should've made the dot-com a different color to reinforce that there is more than 1 word in play here.