Friday, January 18, 2008


Denis from brought my attention to this URL conundrum. I know what some of you are thinking... what choice does the DOT have but to use this as their URL? Well I, for one, am pro-choice. In fact, I'm so anti double-dot, I might even recommend using hyphens here (

Just picture Ted Stevens on the phone with Dubya directing him to this website...

Stevens: Yeah, George, first you have to plug in your tubes.
Bush: Check.
Stevens: OK, then have your staff send you some Internets.
Bush: Hey, Dick, get me some of them thar Internets!
Stevens: Now, go to "dot dot gov"
Bush: dot what?
Stevens: dot gov
Bush: what dot gov?
Stevens: dot dot gov?
Bush: dot dot what?
Stevens: gov
Bush: dot?
Stevens: dot gov
Bush: dot gov dot?
Stevens: No, dot dot gov
Bush: Oh, to hell with it. I give up. Let's go bomb Iraq.


Ari said... - the registrar, does the same thing I believe.

Jeremy said...

I would imagine that in this case, it's spoken as "D O T . gov" saying the letters individually rather than "". Does that make sense?

Aaron Goldman said...

I hear ya Jeremy. Definitely could work that way. I just needed an excuse to do my Stevens/Bush "Who's on First" routine. :)