Friday, March 7, 2008



It's time to rate the candidates in Good URL Bad URL's Election '08 coverage. Let's start with Hillary...

I give her props for dropping the dubyas (hmm... No More Dubyas -- that might make a good campaign slogan). And bolding her first name helps. But IHATEALLCAPS. Not only does it blur the letters together, it's a glaring reminder of how annoying she can be when she's speaking (sorry Hillary fans but you have to admit it feels like she's yelling at you during her speeches).

Now I know I'm going to get some comments saying it's obvious that the URL is so who cares how it's displayed. But, if this blog has proven anything, it's that there are a ton of Bad URLs out there. As a result, anytime an URL is not instantly readable, people are conditioned to look for the standard add-ons like Go, Cyber, Web, Online, and everything else GoDaddy recommends when the URL you want is taken. And anytime you get poeple thinking twice, you risk losing them. Considering the '04 election came down to 500-some votes in Florida, suffice it to say that every voter this Bad URL loses is one too many. Clean up your campaign Hillary!

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