Friday, March 7, 2008

Good URL

...we have a winner! Of URL-off '08 that is. Unfortunately, for McCain, it won't be this easy in November.

I was going to dock some points here for use of dubs on the backdrop behind McCain and his trophy, er... lovely wife but he was the only candidate (on this night at least) to include his/her URL back there so he gets extra credit. And as for the podium, which is front and center, McCain nails it -- No Dubs, Leading Caps, Powerful Font. While McCain's gumby face may not be easy on the eyes, his URL sure is. Must be all that "experience" of his coming into play.


Bill Seaver said...

You think it was more natural for him to do that since he has the little "c" big "c" issue in his last name? I wonder if they were intentional about that or just did it by default. Either way it was right...just wonder about the intentionality there.

Aaron Goldman said...

Good point Bill. They very well could have backdoored themselves into a Good URL here. Just like they may backdoor themselves into the Presidency with a nation that's not ready to vote in a woman or black man. Scary.