Thursday, April 17, 2008


Yikes. This one violates just about every rule. It starts with the dubs, usesalllowercase and doesn't easily portray the brand name. Too often brands think they're doing their audience a favor by shortening their URLs. But what they gain in brevity, they lose in memory. It's not like OP is a common acronym for office products. The only thing I know OP to stand for is Other People's. What's really shocking is that is available. So it's not like Garvey's was locked out of All you domainers out there, he's one that's ripe for the squatting. For its own sake, let's hope Garvey's reads this first so it can fix its sopping wet URL.

Update 4/29: Saw another Garvey's truck on the expressway today and this one said -- definitely a better URL but still not presented well with the dubs and all lower case.

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