Sunday, April 27, 2008


Sorry for the infrequent posting. As you can imagine, spending time with my baby girl, Eliara, has been cutting into my URL-spotting. It has, however, introduced me to a whole new category of brands sporting Good and (mostly) Bad URLs. For example, check out the URL on this bottle. Now, I know that I'm in the minorty of parents that will actually notice an URL while I'm feeding my child. And I am surely the only who will take a picture of it. So that leaves me as the only one who will actually remember The dubs serve to just clutter up an already crowded bottle exterior (that contains much more important info like the number of ounces of formula.) And the all-lower-case-with-dashes make it even more of a clusterf... hey, no cussing around the baby! These guys need to perfect their craft a bit more and start using an URL that's more handy!

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