Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been walking by this awning for a couple years now but never had my camera on me until this past weekend. I just don't get this URL. The name of company is 12 Gauge. Since when is GA a universally accepted abbreviation for Gauge? Since when did the word Gauge even qualify for abbreviation status? They need to dial back this URL.

Update 10/2: Reader Fred Wilson points out that GA is indeed a universally accepted abbreviation for Gauge and, as has become the new way to settle any argument, asks me to Google 12 GA to see for myself. Sure enough, he, and Google, are right. For good measure, I Wikipedia'd it and GA actually stands for many things, Gauge among them. Then I went to and it looks like the company does brand itself as 12 GA, sometimes using Gauge in parenthesis. So I stand corrected and, for the first time ever, am changing my rating. After gauging this URL again, methinks its Good.


Fred Wilson said...

"Since when is GA a universally accepted abbreviation for Gauge?"

Since the beginning of time, more or less. Google "12 ga" and you'll know.

Aaron Goldman said...

Well waddya know. Guess I'll have to reverse my rating on this one. Thx for weighing in Fred.

Aaron H. Bynum said...

Is it necessary though, if the company isn't a gun shop, where current and future customers/clients will key into it right away?