Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've already shared my disdain for scavenger hunts. This one is an all out search-and-destroy mission. I got this card at a restaurant. In exchange for sharing my feedback online, I'd receive a $10 virtual Visa gift card. All I had to do was go to, type in the username 14FOABE187 and the password 208. Good lord. I'd have an easier time coming up with $10 by rooting around for lost change on the floor of the restaurant. This URL screams for a shortener. (BTW, check out Lee Odden's review of 11 URL-shortening services on his Online Marketing Blog.) As it stands, no matter how good the food and service was, all I'll remember by the time I get to the feedback form is how crappy the process was to get my $10. Not a good experience.

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