Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 edition of SuperURLs. This year advertisers shelled out $3 million for their 30 seconds of glory during the big game. But did they get all their bang for their buck with prominently displayed URLs? By and large, the answer was a resounding no. Some didn't even include URLs at all.

And then you had the advertiser whose brand was an URL. While their spot may have been memorable (Ed McMahon and MC Hammer in da house!), their URL is certainly forgettable. You all know my general disdain for URLs with abbreviations and there's no abbreviation worse than IM lingo. As a rule of thumb if you have to tell people how to type the URL, it's time to get a new one. Especially when you're playing in the SuperBowl with so many other good ads vying for attention.

Check out this exerpt from the spot as the announcer says, "Cash The Number Four Dot Com." While it's not quite the mouthful our last spoken URL was, this one sure wasted more money. Methinks this was a case of $3 million 4 naught.

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Art said...

I disagree. I felt it was memorable, and while i also noticed announcer pronoucing cash the number four gold. OVer all i thought it was pretty solid. People at the party i was at, also took mention of the advertisement.