Tuesday, June 9, 2009



This cheeky URL was sent in by Cornelius North Carolina's very own Jeff Campbell. These nasty teeth are capped with a Bad URL. The words moms and teeth are weird enough on their own without being mashedtogether. And alllowercase really comes back to bite you when words start or end with the letter "s" as the eye thinks its just a plural. And with teeth already being the plural of tooth, this grill, er... URL's extra jacked.


woo said...

That's hillarious. It almost looks like moms-teet-history

Anyway, I own yellow-teeth.com and whenever I tell anyone they laugh at me.. but for several reasons I actual prefer it to yellowteeth.com.
Teeth should be kept far apart from the words around it :)

Lynne said...

I am so sick of this scam and the hideous, tacky, obviously fake, barfy ads -- especially the closeup picture of the purple-black apparently dead and rotting corpse grin -- that I am boycotting Yahoo until they get some class and turn down ad revenue from obvious scammers. Enough, already.