Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I just returned from holiday in Italy. I was out there for a good friend’s wedding and my wife and I tacked on a few extra days for sight-seeing. I had fully intended on taking a break from URL-spotting and swapping URL-aholism for one of my other aholism vices (after all, we were in the land of vino) but I just couldn’t escape it.

Here we were in the political square of Florence admiring the original home of Michaelangelo’s David sculpture and out pops a digital billboard promoting the new Uffizi. It was like we’d been transported from ancient Italy to Times Square. And, as if intrusive advertising in a historically significant location weren’t enough, they topped it off with a bad URL!

I’ve softened my stance on using www (aka Dubs) so I won’t penalize them for that nor will I dispute the use of dot-com in the land of dot-IT because they are targeting tourists but I do take issue with the use of alllowercase. I would also like to penalize them for imposing their modern will against an medieval backdrop. There should be a penal code against posting digitalia within 100 yards of David’s genatalia!

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