Friday, November 9, 2007

Good URL

Practicing what I preach... This is my email signature. As you can see I capitalize the first letter of each word in both my email address and our promotional URL -- Would you not say it's a bit easier to read this way? Good, so am I starting to preach to the choir yet?


caroline said...

but isn't it a bit confusing to be signing off as Resolution Media and then to suggest people click on a completely different name to find out more about your subject of expertise? Who knows it's your site? Could be a number of reasons why you recommend it.
great article btw - very helpful and glad you've nerdily collected all this!
and just changed my brand name to

Aaron Goldman said...

I hear you, Caroline. We're trying to brand Resolution Media to be synonymous with Query Marketing. To that end, we've created the QueryMatrix to represent our vision. My goal with my sig is to drive people to that specific web page to learn more about Query Marketing. My hope is that anyone who just wants to learn more about our company or get some quick contact info, etc. will just take from the back of my email address and type that in. My target audience is web-savvy enough that this is a reasonable expectation. If Resolution Media were a mass consumer brand, I'd agree that we may be overcomplicating things. But then again, I think this falls under the best practice of using (or .net in this case) when trying to raise awareness for a specific promotion. Appreciate your feedback though and dig your new URL!