Monday, November 26, 2007


Even Leading Caps Can't Save This Waaaay-Too-Long URL. Duh!


Dan Perry said...

This one takes the cake. When I saw it advertised, I told my wife it was another example of an agency that didn't get it. Sure, it's "cute", but memorable and actionable? Puhleaze. Plus, from a branding standpoint? Riiiight. Let's associate our brand with a term that denotes a no-brainer to some, and stupidity to others.

Dan Perry

Aaron Goldman said...

Amen, Dan. My wife would be glad to know she is not alone in having to deal with dorky online marketing guys like us who feel the need to comment on stuff like URL selection. Maybe they should start a support group --

edwin sherman said... has an interesting message to Hyundai

Aaron Goldman said...

Well played Edwin. Let me know if Honda ever comes knocking to buy that domain.

Dan Perry said...

Edwin, that's gold. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to pass that one around the office.