Saturday, January 12, 2008

Electrasol: The #1 Recommended Brand by More Dishwasher Brands

Bad Slogan

OK, no URL here but I just had to call this out. Is this not the most absurd slogan you've ever seen? It's so bad, I just bought and this will be my first post (that is, whenever I can find time to get that blog up and going.)

UPDATE 2/1 - is now live! And, as promised, this was my first post.


Matthew Smith said...

I wouldn't call it absurd, but it is pretty awkward. Instead of "dishwasher brands," they should have said "dishwasher manufacturers."

alejandro said...

Yeah, I agree with Matthew.

Anonymous said...

its unreal !

how can people use these url stinkers?

check out my site if you like

Aaron Goldman said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. I finally got around to launching so check it out for more of my thoughts on this sucky slogan.