Saturday, January 26, 2008


We have our first repeat submitter here at Good URL Bad URL. Peter from Domainer's Gazette is all over URLs like stink on a monkey. He came across this URL-atrocity while checking his email on Yahoo. No idea why they didn't use a vanity URL here (where the URL shows one thing but clicks through to another) -- would've worked just fine. Marketers running online display ads need to remember that most people seeing their ads are at a page or website that they are not ready to leave. Accordingly, ad messaging and URLs need to be easy to remember so that people can navigate to them when they're done with the website they're at. GIA would've been better off not including an URL at all in this ad -- people might've remembered GIA and done a search for it when they were ready to find out more. As it stands, this URL is MIA.

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