Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good URL

Well I finally made it through all the submissions I've received at I had been running about 2 weeks behind so this is a big accomplishment. Hoping all the URL-spotters out there can replenish my coffers. Otherwise I'll have to go back to actually finding Good and Bad URLs myself. Oy Vey!

Quick note for the 300 or so of you out there keeping up on this blog via FeedBurner, make sure to stop by the site URLy and often (well, at least once a week) as lately I've been posting more than the 3 that come through to your reader by default. For a while there, I was batching about 3 at a time so you weren't missing anything by just monitoring your feed.

Ok, let's get back to it. Yoel Daskal sent in this URL that's got me all verklempt. Love the ancient looking font they used (although does it help business reminding people how outdated a language Yiddish is?) and how they set off the "e" with different sizing and color. It's just such a shayna punim!

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