Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The 2 E-Trade spots were probably my favorite. The 2 Sales Genie spots were definitely my least. For the second year in a row, it appears these guys spent all their money on the ad space, leaving no budget for creative. And to top it off, they slap this sad URL on it. With the slash-TV, they are clearly trying to track the volume of traffic that these spots drove to their site. Why on earth do they need to do that? Who else is going to the day of the SuperBowl besides people who saw these spots? It's not like they have such good name recognition (or any name recognition for that matter) that they can get away with slapping on an extension and hoping it won't overload people's already cluttered minds. These guys need to keep their genie in the bottle cuz the magic just ain't there. My one wish is that they won't be back at next year's big game.


Art said...

I actually like this one, given TV confusing, but color contrast works. So while their commercial is boring, and they /tv is not great, the domain is well defined.

Aaron Goldman said...

Yeah but everyone knows you don't need to type in the /tv so they're gonna go straight to the homepage. If you're trying to direct someone straight to a promo page you need to do it with a subdomain as the average Joe will think that's the only way to get to the website.