Friday, June 13, 2008



My wife hates this URL. Not because it wraps around on 2 lines which is a huge no-no (as it doesn't register in people's minds as an URL -- or, if it does click, then most people just catch OFCHICAGO.COM) Not because they put the Lexus logo in front of the dealership name making it possible people with think the URL is LMcGRATHLEXUSOFCHICAGO.COM. No, my wife hates this URL because I've been trying to get a picture of it for 6 months now and have put both our lives at risk as I slow down to 25 MPH on the expressway to try and get an unobstructed view. Well, I finally got a good shot of this bad URL. I guess that's a wrap.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha...that is *so* bad. So damn long. I honestly wonder if anybody's ever entered that into a browser.

Seth B.