Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good URL

This just goes to show that my rules are not hard and fast. I think this one works despite the dubs, alllowercase, dash, abbreviation and alternate domain. I like the play on words with "defend us." And since .us is not a popular TLD using the www helps reinforce that this is indeed an URL. And the dash helps the D-Fend abbreviation stand out. So, despite going 0 for 5, this URL comes up with some clutch defense to claim victory. Thanks to Jamie Forrest for the spot here!

1 comment:

Team Woodlawn said...

But what about those pesky customer service phone calls?
Customer, "When are your beginner lessons?"
Receptionist, "You can find our entire schedule on our website. It's d (the letter) hypen fend us dot com"
Customer, "Say what?"