Monday, May 25, 2009


Why would the call to action on this online ad be "Visit us online at..."?!? Um, hello. We're already online. What, did you think might try to go to using our fax machine??? And it's a good thing you included the www just in case I didn't want to click on the ad directly and decided to type in the full address into my browser.


Lee Gallagher said...

Dear Aaron,
Thank you for sharing your insight and viewpoint about our on-line banner.
We value our readers comments and suggestions, and will share your points with our teams. We strive to improve with every campaign launch.

I will be sure to forward you a link in our next launch.

Thank you
Lee Gallagher

Aaron Goldman said...

Lee - thanks for being a good sport and taking my snarky comments in the light-hearted, informative manner they were intended. I'm just trying to do my part to create a better URLiverse. :)

For future reference, when working with an online display ad, my reco is to just use the vanity URL in the creative and have the click-thru take people to the promo page. That way they will hopefully remember your brand and domain if they don't want to click right away (no-one will remember the slash/whatever) and, if they do want to act right away they can click and go deep to the page you want them to land on.