Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Go to Yahoo! and search "Real Food"


I take that back. There is one thing worse than no URL -- sending your audience on a search engine scavenger hunt. You can't control that environment and the next thing you know, you'll have your competitors piggy-backing off the traffic you're driving to that search results page.


Pam PF said...

Actually, this was a deal with Yahoo that gave Hellman's a special listing above the natural results - with graphics and links to a dedicated microsite in Yahoo Food
(http://food.yahoo.com/realfood). I believe they were the only paid ad allowed. In any case, it's all expired now -- and Hellman is nowhere to be found in the natural results.

Aaron Goldman said...

Sounds similar to what Yahoo did with Special K. Gave them a "paid inclusion"-type placement on the SERP with a logo in exchange for Special K putting "Search for ___ [forgot what the keyword was] on Yahoo." Being a search marketing guy, I love integration like this. Just think it's a bit risky. To your point, a search today for "Real Food" does not return Hellmans and I saw this ad just a few weeks ago in my People Magazine. If I were Hellmans I would've bought RealFood.com or optimized my main site around the term "Real Food" to extend the shelf life of this promotion,