Sunday, December 16, 2007


Peter Askew from Domainer's Gazette caught this URL on a truck in Vegas and commented "the thought of telling that domain to someone over the phone makes me dizzy." Right on Peter -- although your camera-work isn't helping settle the stomach any. Back to the URL at hand, though. This one clearly misses the point and will not cover the spread.


Anonymous said...

Bummer to hear! We are a dealer, One.7, Inc, pronounced, onepointseven... and provide street sweepers and vactor trucks. The fun part about our name is people definitely want to know how we got the name. Go to the website and see our history and you will chuckle when you realize it has nothing to do with equipment! Fun to think someone is out there ranking URL's and glad to see we were at least mentioned! All in good humor too!

Aaron Goldman said...

Thank YOU for taking it in good humor. Oftentimes, we get people taking offense and even asking for posts to be taken down. The intent is never to attack a business or business-owner, just make them think hard(er) about how they choose and promote their URLs.

Read the One.7 story on your site and dug it. Lines up well with Chapter 19 of my forthcoming book (see for more info) about making your company a great story. You give people a reason to remember and talk about you beyond your product or service. That's always a good thing.

Best of luck and thanks for stopping by and weighing in!