Friday, March 14, 2008


Unfortunately, not all my colleagues are as URL-savvy as Bryson. Check out this post on our corporate blog. Jeff Campbell, our VP of Product Development (thankfully his role does not involve developing vanity URLs for our clients) was giving tips on publicizing blogs (oh, the irony!) when he included this link to his personal blog. Not sure who he thinks his target audience is here (my grandpa doesn't get his wine tips online) but I'd guess the folks interested in his blog would know how to navigate there without being told to use http. And that's the first time I've seen a hanging slash at the end of an URL. Sorry, JC, your URL is wineaweak.


David J Barnes said...

Haha, wineaweak, ouch!

CJeffCampbell said...

whoa...guilty on the "http://" - but I wrote the post in MS Word and shipped it off to be posted. When posted, my capital letters disappeared and the hanging chad was added probably in some auto formatting...NOT GUILTY!!!

I was clearly set up by the RM marketing department and am only guilty of excellent cheap wine reviews ;)

If the wine won't sip, you must acquit!

Anonymous said...

I read this as "A Winea Week," in which a "winea" was some sort of female-specific wino: a wina.