Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Good URL

Well folks, I'll be taking a break from URL-spotting for the next few weeks as I spend time with my newly-expanded family. Yup, this pretty little thang is more than just a good URL... she's my daughter! Eliara Lily, born March 28th, and already blogging away. Needless to say, all the pictures I'll be taking for a while will be of her. No room to spare on the memory card for Good and Bad URLs. For all the URL-deprived out there, feel free to keep sending me the Good and Bad URLs you come across so I have some material to work with when I get back from my URL-hiatus.


Jeremy said...

Congrats Aaron! She's adorable

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! If you had a boy, were you going to name him Earl?

Aaron Goldman said...

Hah! Good one Mark. Wait'll you see the shirt I'm having made for little Ellie -- the front will say Good gURL and the back with say Bad gURL.