Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Oyster Hotel Reviews

Oyster.com. Been There. Slept There.

One of my best friends just launched Oyster Hotel Reviews yesterday with the domain Oyster.com. He consulted with me on URL selection and weeded thru a bunch of possibilities before landing on Oyster. My personal bias aside, I think Oyster.com is truly a pearl. It's one word, easy to remember, and ties into the idea of how the current state of finding hotels is like pearl diving -- while many oysters (aka hotels) may look alike from the outside (aka the hotel website) you never really know what's inside until you crack it open (aka check in). I also like how they keep the URL clean on the About and FAQ pages. Leading Cap sans dubs help keep this URL fresh. Good luck Eytan!

Update: I like the slogan too!

Update #2: Did I mention my friend spent over five years at Microsoft building their Live Search engine (now Bing)??? Well, he did. And he knows his stuff when it comes to SEO so he asked me to change the anchor text and link in my post. So I did. This also explains why Oyster Hotel Reviews goes so deep on content (text and images). Search engines love that crap.


David J Castello said...

Great domain.

Andrew Reberry said...

Definitely a great domain. A word. Specific to many people. However can be used in any industry for great branding. I think a great choice!

Unknown said...

@David and @Andrew

Thanks for the kudos on the name. Much appreciated.

Aaron -- thanks for the kind words!

William Alvarez said...

Now I recommend your friend joining www.LetMeGo.com, he can't go wrong with it!