Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Talk about bold. Cheetos dares to assume that its orange sticks that look like shriveled pretzels are so ubiquitous that they can be used interchangably with the brand name. Reminds me of NBC's ambiguous Peacock.com. Thanks to Brian Leiberman for sending this one in and making my hands feel sticky just looking at it.


Anunt said...

There's this guy and one day, when he pissing, he notices that his penis is orange. He goes, "What the hell?" and he went to the doctor the next day. "Doc, why's my penis orange?" he asks. The doctor goes, "Hmm. Never seen anything like it. Here, take a couple of these pills and come back here tomorrow."

So the guy takes the pills back home and uses it that night. The next day, he goes back to the doctor and the stuff doesn't do anything. So, the doctor gives him some stronger stuff and tells him to come back the next day. He takes it home and the next day, his penis is still orange. He goes back to the doctor and he gives him the strongest stuff they have. You know, he'll be out for twelve hours and he can't eat or drink anything during that time, etc. He comes back a couple days later and his penis is still orange.

The doctor goes, "Damn. What's going on? What kind of sex have you been having?"

The guy goes, "Well, actually, I haven't gotten any in a long time."

So the doctor thinks a little bit and asks, "Well, what'd you do last night?"

The guy says, "Um, I was looking at some pornos and eating some Cheetoes."

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