Friday, February 1, 2008


Good URL

Jeremy Bloom, a guy I know from college, started this website. They sell t-shirts will all sorts of witty sayings. My personal favorite is "I poked your mom on Facebook." I really dig what they did with their logo here -- different colors help the words stand out and the pig-O drives home the oxymoron. Would've loved to see them slap a Yarmulke on that hog, though. Nonetheless, this URL should help the gang at bring home the bacon.


Jeremy said... is a site that I've been frequenting for some time now. These guys are the Siskel (Roeper for the newbies) and Ebert of the internet.

I came across a yarmulke design for on their site. Check-out the original/old-skool logo. Here's a link...

Big props to the King of all things internet, Aaron Goldman, for coming across

Anonymous said...

Ha- this site rules. Check-out the I met your dad on jdate shirt.

Anonymous said...

this is probably the best find for jewish clothes i've come across. kudos to the crew at kosher ham for they're funny tshirts.