Friday, February 1, 2008


Not only do I hate this URL but I hate this slogan. So much so, I decided to finally got up and running. Fear not, fellow URL-aholics, I vow not to let my post frequency suffer on this blog -- can it get any worse than once a week anyway? I just had to scratch my ADD-itch and get another Good/Bad off the ground. I've still got a bunch more on the back-burner (check out the sidebar for the complete list) and I'm hopeful I'll get around to them all at some point. I'm counting on the community that's rallied around Good URL Bad URL to embrace my full-fleged marketing mania and join in the conversation and get the submissions rolling.

Back to the URL at hand, though. I just hate when country abbreviations are part of URLs. Do they really think they're doing us a favor by helping us skip the country selection process on I'd rather use up an extra click than an extra brain cell any day of the week. They should've abstained from adding on to this URL.

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