Friday, September 19, 2008

Good URL

Here's an Askew anomoly - a Good URL. Of the 13 URLs Peter has submitted to date, only 2 have been good. And we've only agreed on one of them. He thought was bad. I let it fly becuase it's the brand name. Here's another one we disagree on. When Peter uploaded this one to the Good URL Bad URL FB group, he asked me to "be easy" on him cuz went to Ole Miss. I actually like this URL. Good integration of the logo to set the words apart and still convey the brand. Methinks Ole Askew Missed This One.


NameSugar said...

I could see someone mistaking this as "OleMiss" sponsoring "", they should have changed the .com font as well.

Anonymous said...

no no, I actually liked it...just didn't want you to chew it up and spit it out..


Matt said...

As an unlearned observer, I would also see it as OleMiss sponsoring I would have associated the two combined, if were the same color as OleMiss and even in the same font style.