Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Good URL

OK, I'm breaking my routine of posting only on the weekends to bring you a timely SuperBowl edition of Good URL Bad URL. With advertisers plopping down $2.7MM for 30 seconds, I had high hopes for some good URLs punctuating the spots. To say it was a mixed bag is putting it mildly. This year's SuperURLs ranged from stellar to stupid to silent.

Leave it to the Grand-daddy of URLs to set a shining example for all the SuperAdvertiers. I've never seen anyone get as much mileage out of their SuperBowl ads as Go Daddy. It all started when their ads started getting rejected by the networks. Instead of going back to the drawing board, the ads got racier and racier and the "too hot for TV" versions found a home on First it was the wardrobe malfunction. Then the ads became a charicature of themselves as they talked about how fun it was to work in marketing for Go Daddy. The one constant each year (besides pushing the envelope) was that the Go Daddy URL was always front and center. What else would you expect from a company that makes it's money selling URLs?

This year, they didn't even both trying to come up with a compelling spot and just drove everyone online to view the censored ad. And guess what? It worked. Early reports after this year's game are that GoDaddy drove over 2 million people to their site to see Danica Patrick's beaver. Now that's some serious exposure! Who's your URL-Daddy?

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