Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bad URL has recently been critiqued (and SEO'd against) for being a bit redundant so allow me to fight fire with fire (and see if I can't reclaim Page 1 on Google for -- hopefully the Big G still values keyword-dense anchor text).

Admittedly, many of the URL's I post reflect good and bad practices that I've commented on previously. But that's kind of the point. You'd think by now, marketers would have cleaned up their act and not continued to make the same mistakes with Bad URL selection and Bad URL display. Clearly, that's not the case though. And I pledge to keep calling people out on it until the day that every URL is a Good URL.

Now, as for the comment that is a Bad URL itself -- I couldn't agree more. That's why I masked it with and always use Leading Caps when promoting it.

So call me a rebel call me what you will -- just don't say I'm a Bad URL. And don't try to out-SEO me.


Unknown said...


slam1 - 10% off

slam2 - 20% off £35 or more*

slam30 - 30% off .COMs and renewals


Papyrus Watcher said...

1. The blogspot isn't required, like you said

2. You use leading caps

3. I never forget it!

Good URL :)